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Ultratek Computers & Communications

In this era of endless data breaches and emboldened hackers you can’t afford to let your guard down. Your computer Network is the lifeblood of your organization, no matter what business you’re in. Even a routine glitch in your system can paralyze your workplace and have major financial consequences. These days you can’t afford to let your Network out of your sight, but few people know how to monitor Network traffic effectively.

Today’s computer Networks need trained IT professionals to monitor them, which is exactly what you’ll get with our Network security monitoring service.

What is Network Monitoring?

With our remote Network monitoring system, Ultratek’s highly trained staff takes responsibility for notifying you when something needs your attention, and will help you fix any problems that occur. This frees up manpower on your end while eliminating human error and allowing business flow to remain steady.

Network performance monitoring will analyze your Network’s performance in real-time. So when a failure or issue is detected, our staff of dedicated IT experts will be immediately alerted and take prompt action to correct the issue while also informing you of the problem and its potential impact. Our trained staff is on the job 24/7, so there will never be a point where your Network is unguarded.

Our All Devices Network Monitoring service is compatible with all office tech, from desktops, to routers, and beyond. Our IT professionals perform a variety of tasks, including:

  • Check the availability of your computers, servers, and any other devices in the system, so if anything goes offline we’ll know right away.
  • Keep track of millions of reports, including warranties, so you don’t have to.
  • Monitor updates. We can push or stop updates, so you can choose when they happen. You’ll never again have to worry about those inconvenient “Update Now” popups.
  • Install software packages for you, you’ll never have to go through that drawn out process again.
  • Check the speed of your Network connection by running a regular PING test.
  • Scan files on your Network for viruses or malware.
  • Keep track of web domains.
  • Monitor storage space, numerous sensors allow us to measure free space on disks, CPU, and memory load for you.
  • Track your system’s temperature.
  • Check the bandwidth use.

Our staff will gladly help you select, customize, and designate sensors to better match our service to your company’s needs.


Network Monitoring