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IT Project Management

IT Project Management

In today's world, a project manager is the most important person to ensure the success and happiness of your clients, customers, and staff. You can't put a price on losing customer, client or sale because the upgrade or move did not go right. Computers and humans will always make errors, but successful projects have test procedures and fallback plans when things don't go right.

Projects usually have more than one person or vendor involved, and we oversee it in its entirety, making each part is done correctly. We want each person or vendor involved to follow a set of standards, in order to ensure quality and to see that security is met. To do so, we conduct regular meetings with all those involved to avoid any potential conflicts and to set a schedule as to complete the work on time. We also have the experience to know what needs to be done so that you don't have to think about or care about anything but your own work.

For example, say you need to put up a new server with the right software to send emails. Once the server is established, you may forget to change the DNS records to reflect the new server. Not doing so may result in some people not receiving their emails. Or, you may be making local backups often, but forgetting to update your offsite backups. A disaster that strikes your workplace would seriously damage your business if your offsite backups aren't also kept up to date. But with our expertise, we guarantee the completion of everything necessary, so you can rest easy without having to worry.

IT is very complex and everyone has their own work. So failures can't be blamed on a specific person—only yourself, for not hiring a project manager.

The project manager is a third party and our job is to protect anything in your interest and ensure that all parts work together. We take the tech aspects of your business and make sense of it so you don't have to. We also guarantee that all contacts and budgets are met so that you get what you paid for.

Some of our projects include upgrading servers, upgrading operating systems (OS), installing new hardware, establishing new servers, installing SAP upgrades, upgrading or migrating new software (such as moving databases, physically moving your hardware/software, moving due to a new office location, transferring data via clouds or from one data center to another), and moving mail or website hosts.



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