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Ultratek Computers & Communications

msMJJT's IT Managed Services offer you various tools to protect your computers and servers from threats. Learn more about them below to why you can't afford to go without.

Helpdesk – We can't fix what we don't know about. Just open a ticket to get the help you need. Get 24/7 step-by-step help for common problems, including crashes, server issues, and software installation. Track your ticket's progress while we work to resolve the issue.

System Monitoring – Get 24/7 monitoring alerts for any possible problems in real-time. Don't be caught off guard, our live monitors will alert you to any potential issues, including hardware failure, internet connectivity problems, and failed backups.

Cloud Storage – MJJT provides all kinds of cloud storage including complete cloud public, private, and hybrid. MJJT customizes the cloud storage to your individual business to ensure reliability and security. With cloud storage, you and your team members can access business information and documents from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Risk Management Assessment - Are you vulnerable to system failures or online attacks? Most businesses think they're secure but still have major flaws. We'll evaluate your emergency procedures, review your IT security, and compile a report on all liabilities and the cost of repairing them.

Managed Backups – We will work with you to determine when backups are needed and develop a strategy that will ensure all necessary requirements are in place. We'll help you maintain both remote and local backups to protect your company from human error and acts of God.

Hardware Procurement – We'll find the hardware that best first your business needs, and that will last for a long time. All at a price you can afford. We'll help with desktops, NAS drive, laptops, switch, firewall, monitor, and phone system.

Change Management – We can manage the elaborate process of new hardware or software upgrades so your offices keep running smoothly. We coordinate with you, your staff, and all third parties to ensure minimum downtime for your business.

Disaster Recovery– Make sure you are properly for anything unpredictable act of God. We'll help you draft a disaster to ensure the survival of your business in the face of catastrophe, and satisfy any compliance requirements.

System Security – To ensure that you're getting the most out of your support package, we'll conduct regular audits. We look at the enactment and enforcement of security policy, outbound and inbound traffic, and your firewall. These also satisfy business policies and any compliance requirements.

System Management – We'll manage your computer system's patches, firmware, and look for vulnerabilities in software to discern necessary updates or replacements. You deserve to focus on your work, let us worry the rest. We'll supply you with reports for compliance or any other needs upon request.