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MailEnable Enterprise Edition

MailEnable Enterprise Edition is designed for organisations or ISP's dealing with high volumes of mail, requiring greater control and flexibility over mail services.
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MailEnable Enterprise Edition expands on the features of MailEnable Professional Edition and is designed for organizations or ISP's dealing with high volumes of mail, requiring greater control and flexibility over mail services.
Enterprise Edition adds highly functional features such as Collaboration, Outlook synchronization, remote administration, more advanced Webmail and Web Administration, and database connectivity - giving you the power and control required for large-scale operations.

Outlook Synchronization
Add appointments, tasks or contacts in either webmail or Outlook and MailEnable will automatically synchronize these items.

Enhanced Webmail
The enhanced Enterprise Webmail client includes a personal web calendar, customizable filters, global contacts, Public Folders, quota usage display, import contacts from Outlook/Outlook Express, multilingual capacity, read and create HTML emails and much more.

Exchange ActiveSync for MailEnable
ActiveSync provides the highest level of integration for the latest mobile devices including iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows Phone 7. It is also available on most other mobile platforms.
ActiveSync is able to negotiate changes and updates protocol uses a technology that is often referred to as "Push". The "push" technology means that changes made on the mobile device are synchronized with the MailEnable server (and vice-versa) without requiring polling. ActiveSync is also a very efficient protocol and minimizes the amount of data that is sent over the mobile network.
Exchange ActiveSync for MailEnable is licensed per mailbox per annum.

Public Folders
Public Folders can be connected to as a separate special resource, making it easy to share documents and files publically for all company members to access. A useful place for storing corporate newsletters, policy documents, letterheads, and other such material.

SMS Connector
MailEnable Enterprise Edition provides an SMS connector which allows you to send SMS messages from MailEnable. Administrators are able to define SMTP addresses that are mapped to mobile phones. Any messages received to that address are processed by the connector and sent as an SMS to the corresponding mobile phone.

Share & Collaborate
Collaborate with other Webmail users by sharing contacts, calendars, and folders.

Optimized Services
Services within Enterprise Edition have been optimized for performance and scalability. Folder indexing dramatically improves system response times.

Queue Prioritization
Messages that are sent out as bulk e-mail or are part of an e-mail campaign can now be assigned to a bulk mail queue. This means that bulk mail-outs are less likely to impact on the delivery of regular e-mail.
Also, an administrator is able to designate users whose messages should be sent with Priority. Messages sent by these users are placed in a Priority queue so that they receive preferential treatment over other messages.

MailEnable Webmail, ActiveSync, and MAPI now all support Notes. Notes created within Webmail, MAPI or ActiveSync are now stored on the Server and are published and pushed to remote clients.

Identities (Multiple Send & Reply Addresses)
Webmail has the ability to set up multiple signatures, sender and reply address through identities. Identities are integrated with Mailbox sharing and resources, so you can reply to emails using an appropriate email signature.

Set Out-of-Office Start/End Date & Time
Users can now set a start/end date and time for their autoresponder, to more accurately target a specific time frame where they want to activate the autoresponder.
This feature is available in Webmail as well as for the Outlook/MAPI Connector.

Improved Smarthosting
Postoffices/Domains that are bound to an IP address can now be configured to smarthost all the outbound email for that domain to the one remote host.

Force Spell Check Before Send
Webmail now has the ability to enforce spellchecking for every e-mail before it is sent.
When this option is enabled (via "Options>Mail"), the "Send" button on the message compose page will change to "Check Spelling". Only when the spellchecking process has been completed, the user will then be able to send off the email. Server administrators will also have the ability to force spell-checking for all mailboxes, via settings in the MailEnable administration program.

System Alerting & Monitoring
MailEnable now includes a monitoring agent that checks system health and can notify an email address of any problems that are detected, such as a large amount of email going through the system, or service failure.

Intelli Messaging Support (SMS Provider)
MailEnable now provides support for a third SMS gateway service provider, Intelli Messaging. Now there is more choice with a provider, and with some simple entry of your account details within MailEnable, you will be able to do email-to-SMS in no time.

Remote Administration
For ease of access, the administration program is capable of managing server groups and can be run on remote workstations to manage enterprise clusters.

Database Connectivity
Allows you to store all your configuration data in either Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL. This not only dramatically increases scalability but also allows you to integrate MailEnable with other back office applications.

Enhanced Web Administration
Administer your mail server using web-based administration; create users, add post offices, manage lists, groups, and contacts. Enterprise web administration includes several additional features including search capabilities for users/domains and the ability to manage all post offices from a single log-in. If you are hosting multiple post offices (e.g: one per customer or company), each company can be granted permissions to manage their own configuration.

Allows you to redundantly configure your mail servers to increase system reliability and uptime. The cluster management tools within Enterprise Edition allow you to couple servers and manage them as cluster nodes.

Message Filtering
MailEnable message filtering allows you to define rules and actions for messages as they pass through MailEnable. For example, you can configure filters to append text to messages, quarantine messages, move or delete messages based on content. Filters can be configured at a mailbox and server level. Scripted filtering provides a highly configurable and powerful filtering engine.

Content Filtering
Control and organize mail using global content filtering Define rules for messages eg: forward emails, execute applications, delete messages with certain content, mark spam messages or quarantine messages containing attachments.



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