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Ultratek Computers & Communications

Platinum IT Consulting and IT Management Monthly Package

Ten Hours IT Support and MJJT Managed Services per month

The package includes IT support services as follows:

  1. Prepaid 10 hours per month for IT consulting and IT management.
  2. MJJT Network Maintenance Software Agent: 24 keys.
  3. MJJT Remote Data Share: 1 account with 1 GB file storage.
  4. MJJT DNS Monitoring: 1 account.
  5. Network Monitoring Probe: 1 account with 5 sensors.
  6. Workplace Chat Client Agent: 1 private account.

The IT consulting and IT management includes technical meetings, technical support over the telephone, email, online chat, remote diagnosis and support, onsite technical consulting, Network management, technical training, technical research for IT purchasing and IT solution, and server management.      

Additional IT consulting and IT management with discount rate based on this package:

  1. Non-emergency additional consulting (during business hours): 15 minutes increments.
  2. Emergency consulting (after business hours): 2 hours minimum.

MJJT Network Maintenance Service for Windows Updates
MJJT Share Account
MJJT Share Data Storage
MJJT Network Monitoring sensor
MJJT Chat Account