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Gold IT Consulting Support Monthly Package

Five Hours IT Support and MJJT Managed Services per month
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The package includes IT support services as follows:

  1. MJJT Maintenance Software includes Windows Updates for up to 12 computers.
  2. MJJT Shared Server with one user account and 1 GB file storage for sharing large files.
  3. MJJT DNS Monitoring with one user account for healthy domains.
  4. MJJT Chat Service with one user account for direct communication between employees.
  5. PRTG Network Monitoring with one user account and 3 monitoring sensors for a healthy network.
  6. Computer network and Inventory Health Reports every 6 months.
  7. Includes 5 hours of consulting service per month. Additional work will be billed in 15-minute increments. This service includes technical meetings, technical support over the telephone, onsite technical consulting, network auditing, network design and maintenance, technical training, technical research, and errors of server updates.

Off-hour Emergency Services: charge minimum 2 hours per service.
*Additional charge for additional keys, storages, user accounts and sensors.


 MJJT Maintenance Software for Windows Updates
 MJJT Share Account
 MJJT Share Data Storage
 PRTG networking monitoring sensor
 MJJT Chat Account


If you decide to select the IT Managed Service Package today, the IT consulting service will be charged at a discount rate.


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